3 Easy Ways To Make A Great Impression And Attract The Offer On Your Property You Want

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3 Easy Ways To Make A Great Impression And Attract The Offer On Your Property You Want

Don’t make selling your property any harder than it needs to be. Follow these three steps to encourage people to offer you the amount you want.

It's a simple truth but first impressions count for everything. 

They're so powerful that they'll affect the offers you get on the property you're selling.  

And not by small amounts, which is why it is important to nail the first impression. 

And of course your property isn't going to be the only one buyers are looking at that day, so it is doubly important that you make sure the first one is a positive, lasting one. 

So to help you out we've put together three easy steps you can take care of now to create that perfect first impression.

1 - Declutter

This is a real easy one.

When people enter your property the last thing they want to see is your dirty laundry.

Not just the laundry though, you want to ensure that people are impressed when they enter and leave feeling like this is a home they can imagine themselves living in. 

So what this means in practice is cleaning everything (of course) and giving your potential buyers the space to imagine how they might set up their new home. 

So remove the personal affects like souvenirs, family photos, and Game of Thrones memorabilia. 

Let your potential buyers imagine living in the home, they'll reward you by offering you more.

2 - Restore

You know all those little jobs you've been putting off? Now is the time to do it. 

When you're showing off your property you want it at it's best.

The last thing you need is people leaving thinking about the stuff that needs to be fixed.

Because they will be adding up that cost in their head, and deducting it from the offer they are willing to give you.

So don't lose money by pushing those jobs off until tomorrow, get them done today.

3 - Style

Hiring someone to give your home a sense of style is an easy way to increase the perceived value.

Home Stagers and Stylists know exactly how to arrange furniture to maximise the space and light of the property.

Doing this helps your views feel positive about the home, and the better they feel the better offer they make.

So it's a worthy investment.

Small Steps For Big Returns

Taken together these three steps are an easy way to create a great first impression. 

If you want to ensure that you get offers that are acceptable the easiest way to do that is by ensuring the people you're selling to leave the inspection feeling great, and imagining how they are going to live in their new home. 

If you're after more tips on easy ways to increase the value of your investment, have a read through our blog or get in contact with us and we'll help you unlock the potential of your property.

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