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It’s more than just a property. You’re investing for your future. That’s why we focus on you.

We are Rosie & Rosie, property managers and advisors

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Values driven, people focused

20+ years real estate experience

Property managers and advisors

Inspired by our late father Greg, we’ve built Rosie & Rosie with a focus on people. We value communication and trust above all else, providing reliable and expert services to help our clients reach their property investment goals.

We’re a family-run business (and brother and sister duo) with a passion for Adelaide property. Dedicated to providing personalised, people-first property management and advisory services, we focus on creating long-term partnerships. Between the two of us, there’s little we haven’t seen, heard or done when it comes to real estate. It’s our combined experience that helps us drive performance and maximise results.

Why us?

Being investors ourselves, we know how frustrating it can be to feel forgotten or not in the loop with your property. That’s why a big part of Rosie & Rosie is communication and reliability, ensuring you feel confident and informed about your property.

We also know you’re investing for your future. By understanding why you’re investing, we provide proactive steps to help you meet your goals. And just as life changes, we regularly reassess and realign your property investment strategy to your evolving investment needs.

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Meet Matthew

I began buying and selling homes when I was 20 years old and in the 20 (something) years since, I’ve built extensive knowledge of property management and advice specific to the Adelaide market. I know what makes a good investment and what drives demand and capital growth. Knowing the ins and outs of selling and renting property, I can help you build a property portfolio that positions you for the best returns possible.


I’m an investor, a landlord, a tenant, an agent and a property manager! I understand the industry, the market, the fears, concerns, goals and aspirations of investors and helping someone work through all of that is what I love to do.

Meet Kate

I’m passionate about real estate and connecting clients with the right property for them. Through my career I’ve had the opportunity to work with some of South Australia’s greatest property developers, award-winning real estate agencies and nationally celebrated construction companies. With a vision to bring people back into the real estate conversation, Matthew and I came together to form Rosie & Rosie. 

Tom Katsapis
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“Matthew provides valuable information regarding property rental values and chooses tenants with care and consideration. I'll continue to highly recommend Mathew to my clients or anyone requiring an exceptional, diligent and professional property manager.”
Amy S
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“The attention to detail, availability, response time and all round service Rosie and Rosie provides is beyond what I’ve seen from others. They actually care about their tenants as well as Landlords. I won’t use anyone else for my properties!”
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“Highly professional people that truly focus on communication. They really know how to look after tenants and property owners alike.”
Tim & Lauren
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"Before we spoke to Rosie & Rosie we were nervous about investing and overwhelmed by the property market. Now that we have a clear investment plan we are so much more confident and focused. We can’t wait to take the next step and get started with our first investment."
Chad B
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"I had been thinking about investing in property for years. I would spend hours looking at properties on the internet, searching for a bargain but never finding the right one. Now that I have spoken to Rosie & Rosie I feel much better prepared. I know exactly what I’m looking for and getting myself into. No more procrastinating!"
Jason S
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"Thank you Rosie & Rosie for helping us find an investment property that matches our goals and budget. Strong growth prospects, solid tenant demand, low maintenance, good depreciation benefits... If we had tried doing this alone I doubt we’d ever have found the right property for us."
Daniel H
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"I can hardly believe just how much value Rosie & Rosie has been able to squeeze out of my investment property. It’s gone from costing me money to making me money. I wish I’d seen Rosie & Rosie years ago, I’d have a few more properties by now!"
David & Kirsty
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"Thanks again for all your efforts on this, sourcing a tenant has been a breeze as far as we are concerned. I’ll have to keep buying craft beer for you!"
Anita W
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"I was thinking that I needed to sell my investment property as it was not performing as I expected financially. Matthew conducted a performance assessment and highlighted areas where the property was underperforming that could be improved. The very detailed analysis indicated many areas where I could save money and improve the performance and potential sale price of the property. After implementing only a few of Matthew's recommendations I immediately saved over $2k per year! I'm looking forward to working with Matthew to continue improving my investment property's performance."
Meagan M
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"Thank you for all you have done to manage the property for us over the last year, we appreciate everything you’ve done on our behalf."
Corrine T
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"I have found Matthew Rosie to be knowledgeable & honest while delivering the best service as a property manager for us. We appreciate his dedication in looking after our property. Thank you Matthew."
Madi B
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"I can't recommend Rosie & Rosie Property Investment & Management enough. Matthew is so genuine and always went above and beyond. Matthew was very approachable, friendly and had a quick response time to any emails with questions or concerns. Definitely the best rental agency I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. If you are looking for a place to rent or buy I highly recommend going through Matthew as you will not be disappointed."
Rhani P
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"Rosie & Rosie are honestly the best Rental agent I have ever dealt with. I have used 5 over the time and I can truly say that Matthew is by far the best. He found me the most amazing tenants and it was just so easy, Matthew is great to deal with and makes the process so simple . I would highly recommend Rosie & Rosie . They are incredible ."
Anurag A
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"I can’t thank enough Matthew for helping us to rent a property. A thorough professional, makes the complete process of entering and exiting the house seamless. Very clear with communications. If you are here to rent buy/sell property in Adelaide, Matthew is the man!"
Chad H
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"Have always found Matt to be extremely helpful, clear communication with honest advice and feedback. Have had Matt manage my rentals for 4 years now and will continue to do so."
Alex Filipovic
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"I have been associated with Matthew on a professional basis for 14 years & have found him to be very reliable & have had no hesitation in referring my clients who have required his services."
Will B
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"A great property manager."
Tara X
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"Matthew is a proficient and professional operator. He has attention to detail as a primary focus, and picks up new concepts and proceses with ease. Matthew is easy to work with, and always has valid input on a topic."
Danny G
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"I had the pleasure to work closely with Matthew for several years in my past role, we had well over 150 property transactions to work through in that 3 year period. Matthew's organisational skills and professionalism has been paramount to his continued success and I look forward to the day when we work together again."
Mary M
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"Matthew is an efficient and well liked gentleman and I would not hesitate to recommend him for his efficient service"
Deke S
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"Its my pleasure to recommend Matthew, he is always very professional in his approach to business. Matthew always follows through on tasks in a very timely fashion. Matthew's calm nature is always refreshing"
Brendan S
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"Matthew’s attention to detail, extensive local market knowledge and business acumen have made him a dependable and knowledgeable point of contact for me in the Adelaide property development market."
Natasha N
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"Matthew is a details focused people leader. He listens, responds and is objective in his decision making. Keen on continuously learning, Matthew has most recently completed his MBA and is a leader in his market."
Tara C
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"Matthew has a keen eye for building sucessful campaign strategies and is knowledgable in all aspects of the business. He is very approachable and friendly to do business with."
Jamie H
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"Exceptional service and care. Our experience with Rosie & Rosie was professional, efficient and caring. Matthew went above and beyond and felt we could trust our first investment property in his care."
Catherine B
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"Matthew was very helpful and accommodating. Delightful to deal with and highly professional."
Andres B
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"We’ve greatly valued Matt’s input in our investment planning. Not only was his advice practical and considered, but he also actively listened to our current situation and future goals. We look forward to continuing our property investment journey with ongoing involvement with Rosie & Rosie."

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