Adelaide Real Estate: The Hidden Investment Gem

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April 4, 2018
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Adelaide Real Estate: The Hidden Investment Gem

Adelaide is the hidden gem of property investing, and if you’re a smart investor this is where you’re looking. Why? Read this to find out.

Adelaide is the hidden gem of property investing in Australia, and smart investors have been taking advantage of that for years. Unlike the notorious property markets of Sydney and Melbourne; Adelaide is yet to see the manic property prices that make it difficult for new investors to get into the property market.

All this means is Adelaide real estate is fertile ground for new and early investors.

Here we're going to talk about some of the key factors in just what makes Adelaide real estate an attractive option to investors.

Not just price

There's more to property investment in Adelaide than pure affordability.

Adelaide has a surprising number of great properties available near great locations. 

While you'd be hard-pressed to find affordable property near the CBD in other markets, prime Adelaide real estate is frequently on the market at great prices. 

With a little work, the value of these properties can be significantly increased too, making them a smart choice for those first time investors just starting to find their feet. 

Invest Adelaide

Adelaide is a city that is experiencing a renaissance, making these next few years the perfect time to look at buying into the local market. 

Middle-market areas - like Marion or Oaklands Park - are particularly ripe for smart investors to get into. 

And with Adelaide property prices expected to see a boost over the next few years, you'd be potentially losing out on a great opportunity by not looking here. 

Adelaide's Appeal

The market in Adelaide is a much under-exploited resource for those who want to get into property investing, but don't have the means to get into the pricier cities. 

Prices remain steadily climbing, making it an easy option for first times, locals and 'rentvestors'.

But eventually, people are going to cotton onto the fact that Adelaide has become a prime hunting ground for great investment opportunities. 

And when they do you can expect to see Adelaide become just as competitive as other areas. 

So getting in sooner, rather than later is a good idea. Of course, we're here to help with that, so get in contact and together we'll identify great opportunities for you before everyone else realises they're here.


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