Podcast #9 – Empowering Women to Invest

Navigating SACAT
May 1, 2018
Capital Gains vs Rental Yield: What This Is And What Is Right For You
May 8, 2018

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Episode Summary

In this episode, we talk to award-winning Mortgage Broker Thuy Nguyen specifically about Women and Investing.

We Cover:

  • The current trends in female investing
  • Why it is so important for women to start investing
  • Do women have a different approach to investing than men?
  • What are the biggest fears women face when it comes to investing?
  • How to beat fear and overwhelm when it comes to investing
  • What team do you need in order to invest efficiently?
  • Afraid of networking alone? Thuy has an offer for you…

You can find Thuy Nguyen at:

Email: thuy@risehigh.com.au
Mobile: 0409 407 346
Website: www.risehigh.com.au
Facebook: /RiseHighFinancialSolutions


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You can find Matthew Rosie at:

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Facebook Here – www.facebook.com/rosieandrosie/

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