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Property investing shouldn’t be stressful or costing you money. Whether you’re an experienced property investor or investing in your first property, your investment needs to be working for you and supporting your unique investment goals.


Here at Rosie & Rosie, we’ve been helping property investors just like you access professional property investment advice for over 20 years. Providing expert, strategic advice and guidance to ensure your property portfolio performs and is built for long-term success.

Why use a property investment advisor?

Simply put, a property investment advisor provides expert advice and educational information on property portfolio management, strategy and structure. Understanding your investment needs, goals and objectives, we can help you make strategic investment decisions and build a strong property portfolio focused on both yield and capital growth.

Supporting your investment property portfolio

Our approach focuses on developing long-term partnerships with our investors. As a family-run business, we value each and every one of our investors and put them first. By taking the time to understand your property investment goals and objectives, we can help you create an property investment strategy that fits your needs.


We’re here to help guide you (and your portfolio), providing expert advice to ensure your Adelaide investment properties continue to grow in value and profitability.

Full property investment and management service

From property advice and management, to searches and purchasing. We do it all.

Strategic property investment advice

Tailored investment strategy aligned to your portfolio, goals, risk profile and needs.

Long-term property investment partners

We focus on long-term relationships, knowing your portfolio (and goals) inside and out.

Local Adelaide experience and knowledge

Get local insight into the Adelaide region property market.

Dedicated investor advocacy

Get a dedicated investor advocate (buyers agent) to help find and secure your investment, with you through each step.

Experienced investors and negotiators

Already found a property but need some help? We can evaluate and negotiate your purchase without the distraction of fear or emotion.

Could you be getting more out of your investment?

Our property health checks analyse your investment property for opportunities and provide strategic next steps to promote better performance, rental yield and capital growth.

New to property investment?

We get it. Starting your journey can be time consuming and overwhelming. We can do all the legwork for you, guiding you through the process and presenting you with the best investment opportunities. All in line with a custom property investment strategy created to meet your investment goals, objectives and appetite for risk (your risk profile).

4 things to consider as a property investor

Already have an investment portfolio?

Whether you have one or multiple properties, sometimes you need property management or investment advice to get more from your portfolio. Applying a tailored property investment strategy, we can maximise property performance and uncover opportunities that promote capital growth and rent yield increases. We’ll also annually review your portfolio to continuously uncover opportunities to improve performance.

How tax depreciation could be helping your portfolio

How to get the most from your investment portfolio

Our investment process

Our four-part investment approach is a prudent and proven method based on many years of experience and advice from Australia’s leading industry professionals.

Combining our knowledge of property market trends, analysis of the latest property data and extensive network of industry related professionals, we’ll work alongside you to achieve your personal property investment goals.



We consider your short, medium and long-term goals, your appetite for risk, how much you’re prepared to invest, and over what period of time. This creates a strong foundation for your unique property investment strategy



With your property investment strategy in place, it’s time to define financing. This is where your banking advisor or mortgage broker is key, helping you get pre-approvals and defining the right financial structure for you. Once defined, we’ll prepare a personalised Property Investment Analysis (PIA) report. Your PIA will detail up-front costs, estimates and any applicable tax benefits.



We research the market for properties with the greatest potential for growth and yield, in the Adelaide suburb or region best for you. We also consider local infrastructure, proximity to amenities (such as school, shops and public transport), aligning it to your property investment strategy and budget. Through our strong network of industry-related professionals, we’re also able to secure additional benefits on standout investment opportunities.



The key to our success is what happens after you invest. We review your property’s performance every three months and provide a Property Performance Evaluation (Health Check) to help uncover opportunities for rental yield and capital value growth. This quarterly review not only optimises your portfolio’s performance but helps you identify new investment and growth opportunities.

Why is it important to conduct regular property health checks?

Many factors can impact your portfolio’s performance and profitability. That’s why it’s important to review your properties on a regular basis. Our complimentary Property Performance Evaluations – or Health Check – can help you reach your property’s full investment potential as well as uncover possible investment risks and opportunities.

Ready to discuss your investment future?

Book a call with Matthew and Kate to discuss your investment property portfolio and investment needs. Together we can maximise your portfolio performance and set you up for investment success.

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