Why you shouldn’t choose your agent based on the cheapest commission

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May 18, 2020
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May 20, 2020
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Why you shouldn’t choose your agent based on the cheapest commission

While the agent’s commission might be top of your mind when you’re looking to sell your home for the highest amount possible, it shouldn’t be the reason you choose an agent. A lot goes into selling a home and no one understands that process better than a real estate agent. So, how do you choose an agent to sell your home?

Discount commissions could mean cut corners

The saying ‘you get what you pay for’ is relevant when it comes to choosing an agent. Those who discount their commission might be saving the money by cutting corners in the process of selling your home. For example, a smaller commission fee can sometimes mean additional costs further down the line for advertising services. Some agents may also offer a tiered rate instead of a fixed commission which means you’ll pay more if they achieve a higher asking price than anticipated. 

The whole package

An agent is worth more than their commission. It’s their job to sell your home after all. That’s why it’s important to look for someone who offers you the whole package. They’re someone who is motivated, understands your local area and can demonstrate a record of sales. When interviewing potential agents, you should discuss their marketing approach and if they have a network of prospective buyers. A great agent will be honest in response to your expectations of price and the time your property will spend on the market. 

An agent who provides the whole package will help you throughout the entire sales process by suggesting pre-sale improvements to the property that can increase the price it sells for. They’ll also share feedback from prospective buyers following inspections. They’ll also maintain communication and provide after-sales care, keeping in touch to make sure you’re satisfied with the outcome and how everything was conducted. 

Skillful marketing 

Good real estate agents know how to market a property to interested buyers. They understand the power of technology and how much should be invested in an advertising strategy. The marketing strategy may include video walk-throughs or 360 degree 3D modelling of the property. What is included in your strategy and the amount spent are designed to help you achieve your desired price in a reasonable timeframe. 

Instead of focusing on the commission, choose an agent based on overall approach to selling our home and supporting you through the sales process.  


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